Residential Generators

Wildcat Power Gen provides residential customers with multiple options that will last far beyond their warranty.

The Freedom Home Edition AC Generator

If your home is less than 2,000 square feet, and you need to backup your refrigerator, freezer, some appliances, and your HVAC system, then we recommend the Wildcat Freedom AC Generator model with enclosure.  Learn more here 


The Roughneck Home Edition AC Generator

If your home is larger than 2,000 square feet and you are going for "whole home" power including all appliances, lights, pool & spa equipment, and climate control, then we recommend the Wildcat Roughneck AC Generator model (an enclosure is offered as an add-on option).  Learn more here.


The Frontier Off-Grid AC Generator

If you are needing the perfect generator for Off-Grid or Cabin purposes, then the Wildcat Frontier AC Generator is what we would recommend.  Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

Why Choose Wildcat Generators Over The Competition?  Wildcat Power Gen has been around since 2013, and we have created a family of generator products to service both homeowners and business owners.  Here are some reasons why people choose to purchase Wildcat Generators over the competition everyday.

 Made in the USA
 Commercial Grade Engineering
 Environmentally Safe Fuels (NG/LPG)
 Honda, Kubota, Perkins, and John Deere Engines
 Robust Warranties
 Can Be Customized
 Residential and Commercial Options
 Competitively Priced
 Financing Offered

How Big Of A Generator Do I Need?  Please use this residential Wattage Chart for a rough estimate of wattage consumption of the most common household appliances that people want to keep running during a loss of power.


How Much Do Wildcat Generators Cost?  Wildcat Generator pricing depends on the model and the options you choose. All product is sold through our Wildcat Dealer Network, and the Dealers can give final pricing for the generator plus installation. We sell a quality, customizable, and Made in the USA product at a fair market price, and we back it up with a robust warranty.  You can also finance your Wildcat generator with  

What is the difference between Prime Power KW and Standby Power KW, and why does it matter?  At Wildcat Power Gen, we list our generators by its continuous power rating. When we say we have a 15KW, that means you can run it 24/7 at 15KW, and if you need additional amperage to handle a power surge, our generator will handle it - up to an additional 20%. Our competition lists their gensets by Standby/Surge power rating. When the competition advertises 20KW, they are referring to just the surge. Don't be fooled by the competition's use of Standby Power ratings! Bottom Line: We don't play games, and we state the KW that you will get during normal and continuous use, with a warranty that lasts for thousands of hours..

What is your 3-2-1 warranty and how does that compare to the competition and their 5 to 10 year warranties?  Our warranty is 3 years on the Honda Engine, 2 years on the Alternator, and 1 year on Manufacturer Defect.  What does that mean?  You can run our generator for 3 years, before reaching Honda Engine warranty!  These are commercial grade generators, made with pride in the USA.  Our product is NOT cheaply made junk from overseas with worthless warranties backing them up.  For comparison, some our competitors offer a 10 year warranty, but we challenge folks to go look at the fine print:  The buyer is capped at 250 hours per year.  250 hours is only 10 days of operation, and anything after that, your warranty is shot!  And if you read further, the warranty has loopholes...Watch Out!

Why do you sell Residential Generators using NG/LPG fuels versus Diesel or Gasoline?   When emergencies and power outages occur, having stable fuels like Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG) are absolutely vital for a standby residential generator.  Gasoline has a shelf life of 3 to 6 months.  Diesel can last up to a year before it degrades.  Now, if the Propane (LPG) container and valve are in good shape, storing propane for 10 to 30 years will not be a problem.  And, Natural Gas (NG) is very common fuel source for many homes across the USA.

What Is The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) To Quote, Buy, and Install A Wildcat Generator?  This is NOT a required SOP. Use this as a guideline, as local laws will dictate the need for permits and plans etc.:


1) Consultation with the client;
2) Design and proposal to client;
3) Acceptance and deposit from client to the Wildcat Dealer;
4) Documentation and permitting, if required;
5) Site preparation, including concrete pads and trenching gas lines as needed;
6) Local inspections, if required;
7) Transfer switches and electrical work;
8) Generator installation and testing;
9) Final local inspections and sign-off;
10) Final commissioning and end-user training;
Engagement of the client / end-user is vital to the success of the project and overall satisfaction.

Questions About A Residential Generator Installation?  Please use this Installation Graphic as a guide for an installation at your residence.  Installation costs will vary based upon 1) The distance from the generator pad site to the grid meter, 2) If natural gas or propane tank lines need to be installed, 3) If concrete needs to be poured for the generator to rest on, and 4) The local rates of plumbers, electricians, and contractors in your area.  Please Note:  Always use a Wildcat Dealer or a licensed electrician to install any of our products or your warranty may be voided.

Does A Battery Come With The Wildcat Generator?  No.  Due to a hazardous goods shipping restriction, our shipping carrier does not allow battery products to ship with the generator.  The battery required is a 12V 18Amp-Hour battery ($40-$60).  This is a common battery sold locally at Walmart and the various auto part stores, or online at Amazon. 

Is An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Required?  Each project is different, and a licensed electrician can determine the project's requirements for an Automatic Transfer Switch. Wildcat Power Gen does not require any specific Transfer Switch manufacturer. Wildcat Power Gen does have access to the Thomson Transfer Switch here: Transfer Switch – Wildcat Power Gen.

How Do I Find A Wildcat Dealer?  How Do I Find A Wildcat Dealer?  We are adding new Dealers daily.  Don't worry, our team will gladly assist you with locating an electrician, plumber or installer.  Call us at 620-500-5111 or email us at if you need installation assistance.  


Interested in becoming a Wildcat Dealer?  Visit to learn more and apply.



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