The Patriot


The Patriot generator has evolved over two decades. With the ability to switch voltages in the field, the rental package design is engineered to withstand the harshest environments.

Applications Include:  Industrial, Construction, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Disaster Relief, Maritime, Extreme Climate, Military / First Responder, and Remote Location.

  • Diesel Standard (NG-LPG available)
  • Based on Tier3 Diesel engine, Patriot can operate off diesel, JP8 and other variations of diesel fuels.
  • Sound attenuated design provides noise levels below 63 dB
  • Extended service interval package available
  • e60-D4Technical Specs

Please Note:  The Patriot Tier 3 Diesel package is currently only available for sale to US Government Agencies and Overseas Customers.  The Patriot is also available in NG-LPG fuels.  If you would like a customized Patriot for use in the USA or overseas, please contact us directly for more details. 


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