Our Story

Listen To Your Customers!

Our story begins in 20 years ago, when Wildcat Power Gen founder and president Matthew Roeser was "chasing hurricanes" as a generator salesperson.  He learned that customers often had needs that were unmet by the various generator companies.   

Engines LPG LLC dba Wildcat Power Gen was founded in 2013 to solve 3 important needs in the backup and standby power generation market:

  • Give the customer options and tailor-made solutions;
  • Build an American made product with commercial grade engineering;
  • Offer a smarter generator, with options like environmentally-safe fueled engines (natural gas and propane), the world's finest direct current (DC) generator solution, and cyber secure control modules to monitor and operate the generators.

We encourage you to ask us any questions.  Call us, email us, or visit us in person. 


Wildcat Power Gen:  We Build The Environmentally-Safe Generators Of Tomorrow


Reasons To Buy A Wildcat:

Why Choose Wildcat Generators Over The Competition?  Wildcat Power Gen has been around since 2013, and we have created a family of generator products to service both homeowners and business owners.  Here are some reasons why people choose to purchase Wildcat Generators over the competition everyday.

 Made in the USA
 Commercial Grade Engineering
 Environmentally Safe Fuels (NG/LPG)
 Honda, Kubota, Perkins, and John Deere Engines
 Robust Warranties
 Can Be Customized
 Residential and Commercial Options
 Competitively Priced
 Financing Offered




    Ready to buy your Wildcat Generator?  Need further assistance choosing the right Wildcat Generator?  Here are four easy ways to reach us:

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