The Freedom


Use this Wattage Chart to determine what power you need from Wildcat.

Use this Installation Diagram to visualize how your Wildcat Generator will be installed.

Perfect standby or emergency generator for your home, remote shop, campsite, hunting cabin, and off-grid location.  YOU CAN EVEN PICK OUT THE COLOR YOU WANT THE JOB BOX CASE TO BE!  So if you have an HOA requirement, prefer a sports team color, want it camouflaged, or just have a favorite color in mind, we can powder coat it to suit your needs. Be sure to tell us your color preferences when you order.

Applications Include: Residential, Off-Grid, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Disaster Relief, Military / First Responder, and Remote Location.

Powered by Propane or Natural Gas Fueled Honda GX690 Engine. Simple Installation: Gen-set comes complete in a customizable enclosure - "job box".  Bolt the feet to solid surface (concrete pad preferred), have your licensed electrician connect an Automatic or Manual Transfer Switch to your house, run wire from the transfer switch to the generator, connect the natural gas and you're done.  Simple 2-wire start makes connection and communication between your transfer switch (Thomson Transfer Switch) and the generator.

As a reminder:  Please setup and run your generator outdoors with proper ventilation and away from windows and doors. 

Options to consider: Low Pressure regulator to operate from LP tank

  • Electrical Output: 15KW
  • Load at 120 VAC: 125A/112A Continuous
  • Load at 240 VAC: 62A/56A Continuous
  • Breaker: 50A
  • Sockets: 1 x 50A 120/240VAC NEMA L14

    Honda GX690 V-Twin Technical Info HERE

    Key Connections:

    • Fuel Inlet Hose Fitting: 3/8" Female NPT
    • Battery Recommended: 12 VDC- 400 CCA (Not Included)
    • Battery Charger is included on the Freedom model
    • Engine Oil Type: 10W30 for 20 to 120F, 5W30 for -20 to 70F
    • Electric cord sizing: Seek recommendation for length vs amp draw to find the proper sizing. 
    • 48" L x 24" W x 22" H
    • 395lbs

    Honda Maintenance Schedule: recommended service items are shown in pictures

    Warranty: 3 year Honda engine warranty, 2 year alternator warranty, and 1 year manufacturer defect warranty.

    What Is The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) To Quote, Buy, and Install A Wildcat Generator?  This is NOT a required SOP. Use this as a guideline, as local laws will dictate the need for permits and plans etc.:


    1) Consultation with the client;
    2) Design and proposal to client;
    3) Acceptance and deposit from client to the Wildcat Dealer;
    4) Documentation and permitting, if required;
    5) Site preparation, including concrete pads and trenching gas lines as needed;
    6) Local inspections, if required;
    7) Transfer switches and electrical work;
    8) Generator installation and testing;
    9) Final local inspections and sign-off;
    10) Final commissioning and end-user training;
    Engagement of the client / end-user is vital to the success of the project and overall satisfaction.
    Does A Battery Come With The Wildcat Generator?  No.  Due to a hazardous goods shipping restriction, our shipping carrier does not allow battery products to ship with the generator.  The battery required is a 12V 18Amp-Hour battery ($40-$60).  This is a common battery sold locally at Walmart and the various auto part stores, or online at Amazon. 

    Is An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Required?  Each project is different, and a licensed electrician can determine the project's requirements for an Automatic Transfer Switch. Wildcat Power Gen does not require any specific Transfer Switch manufacturer. Wildcat Power Gen does have access to the Thomson Transfer Switch here: Transfer Switch – Wildcat Power Gen.

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