Now that the first five Roughneck generators made their way through the shop, from assembly, to wiring, to testing, to quality control, and we're ready to send them to our customer, lets take a look at how it happened.

First, we have to amass the critical components. Perkins sent us their 404F-E22T engines, which are 2.2 litre turbo diesels that up 49 horsepower and 122 ft/lbs of torque while conforming to Tier 4 emissions standards. Behind them, we mated up LSA alternators that put out 20 kilowatts of energy, and bolted the assembly on top of our 100 gallon fuel tanks.


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Next came the wiring. Running the show are Deep Sea 7450 controllers, which have capabilities to not only run the generators based on demand or battery charge level, but monitor fuel usage and levels, and send alerts to users over the internet. We connected the controllers, wired up the breakers, and set about testing each unit’s output with our state-of-the-art load bank in our testing bay. 

Matt wires up the Roughneck build.

Satisfied with each unit’s performance, we documented all quality control procedures. Each nut and bolt was fastened by hand, giving us a greater vantage point for attention to detail. The details are what make each Wildcat Power generator a step above the rest. Each one is unique in its own way, and at the same time, they are all alike in that we pay careful attention to each detail during the build process.

Now that we knew they worked and were ready to power our customer's next job,we got busy with the stickers. Our friends at Good Vibrations here in Hutchinson print out all of our warning, safety, and branding stickers. This is the last step before the units are loaded up and shipped out.

If you’re considering one of our units for your home or business, you can rest assured that you’re getting a hand-built unit that comes from the heart of the Heartland, 24/7 support via our hotline, and the piece of mind that comes with knowing your purchase is helping revive Hutchinson’s manufacturing economy.