We’re hand building Wildcat generators every day at our Hutchinson, Kansas, manufacturing facility, and what we bring to the market is, while similar in function to our competitors, something unique.

What sets us apart is our quality, and that is due to the components we choose. Our portable generator lines employ Honda GX series engines for our gasoline, natural gas (NG), and propane (LPG) applications. You won’t find a better small air-cooled engine on the market. Hondas are world renown for their longevity, efficiency, and power output. 

The Honda GX390 powers our 7kW Renegade AC portable generator line (they can all be vehicle mounted as well), and despite being the smallest displacement, it’s quite a sophisticated engine. Gone are the days of the flat-head style small engine that ran on breaker points and a simple and inefficient carburetor. The GX390 features electronic ignition that employs variable timing, an overhead valve design, and a modern camshaft that provides “ … precise valve timing and optimal valve overlap for better fuel efficiency.” according to Honda’s website.

Up next, we have the Honda GX690, which powers our 13kW Renegade AC portable generator line. The GX690 is a v-twin design that features hemispherical combustion chambers (if you’re a gear head, you’ll know what that means), and puts out 22 horsepower and 36 ft-lbs of torque. A pressurized lubrication system and electric start mean it’ll last longer and will be super easy to start up and get to work. These engines are our go-tos for natural gas (NG) and propane (LPG) fuel applications as well, providing the ultimate fuel flexibility.

Rounding out the Honda options is the big boy, the iGX800. Putting out nearly 25 horsepower and 40 ft-lbs of torque. Electronic fuel injection allows not only increased longevity, fuel economy, and reduced emissions, it allows the engine to adjust rpm based on load. This engine turns our biggest portable generators and vehicle mounted generators, the 13kW Maverick DC generator, and the 15kW Renegade AC generator.

Honda powers our gasoline, NG and LPG portable generators, but we also offer a couple of options for diesel air cooled engines. We’ll discuss those in our next post. Thanks for reading this, and thanks for being a Wildcat Power customer! If you’d like to discussant of the information presented here, call us at 620-500-5111.