Not many things are built by hand anymore. Bugatti Veyrons, and a handful of other super cars. Craft beers. A Reuben sandwich from your favorite mom-and-pop shop. What makes these things stand out from the mass-produced masses? They’re special because more care is given to their construction. What’s better? A home-cooked meal, or a microwave dinner? A Corolla or a Veyron? The answer is clear.


Mason works on a Roughneck stationary generator.


Our generators are no exception. Each one that rolls out of our Hutchinson, Kansas manufacturing facility has had every nut and bolt torqued to spec by one of our local builders. What does that mean for the end user? It means your purchase not only has received the attention to detail and quality that only a human being could provide, it means that your purchase has helped feed families in our community. It has given hardworking Kansans the opportunity to earn a living wage right where they are - where they grew up - instead of them having to leave our dwindling community for a larger city or another state altogether.


Each unit is hand built with pride in out Hutchinson, Kansas, manufacturing facility.


Our products keep your business in business, and your purchases keep our business in business. That’s a mutually-beneficial relationship that would be impossible to form had you decided to waste your hard-earned dollars on a value brand disappointment from a big box store that will inevitably wear out after just a few uses. When you buy a generator from eNGines-LPG, you can count on making a positive impact not only for your business, but our entire local community.


A row of Roughneck stationary liquid cooled diesel generators being hand-built at our manufacturing facility in Hutchinson, Kansas.


Are there places on the generator market for Corolla equivalents? Sure. But you need a product you can depend on. You’re looking for a generator you can count on starting every time. A generator that allows you to do a full day’s work on a single tank of fuel. One that is not only reliable and efficient, but one that is better for the environment than the cheap foreign-built unit you’ll have to throw away after just a few hours. And we think that says something positive about our customers more than it says anything about us as a company.